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Congratulations, Gary Brookins!

Today my friend and mentor, Gary Brookins, retires. Thank you, Gary, for your many years of wonderful work and humor, and for the abundant encouragement you’ve given over the years. What a joy it is to work daily on a comic strip that has inspired my art and humor since I was a kid.

Starting next month, you’ll see a new signature on Shoe’s daily cartoons. Gary’s signature will reemerge each week with new Shoe Sundays, and he’ll continue on as Shoe’s art supervisor. I’m looking forward to seeing what new projects Gary produces as he eases into this new season (an artist never fully retires, you know). It’s a privilege to work with Gary and Susie MacNelly as we continue the Shoe legacy. The Shoe must go on!

Read Shoe daily at http://www.shoecomics.com