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Out of Order 2005-2009 Collection

The Virginia Tech tragedy of 2007. The economic crash of 2008. George W. Bush's second term. Obama's first term. The 2008 Presidential election. It all got a healthy dose of cartoon commentary from Ben Lansing's newspaper cartoon, "Out of Order". Purchase this collection of classic 2005-2009 "Out of Order" cartoons here.


A collection of the classic comic strip, "Shoe." Originally written and drawn by triple Pulitzer Award winning cartoonist Jeff MacNelly, from September 13, 1977 until his death in 2000. It is now continued by Gary Brookins, Ben Lansing, and Jeff's wife Susie MacNelly. Purchase this "Best of" collection here.

Art Prints

Prints and merchandise can be purchased via the Ben Lansing Redbubble store. Don't see the artwork print you were looking for? Contact Ben to request custom prints.